Pricing the Priceless..

You were dreaming about your wedding day for years. Spent years planning it, months finding the perfect wedding dress, the locations and all the details from the cakes to the invitations.  It's almost unfair that day lasts only 24 hours.

After all the effort, the money and time spent your images are one of the most important ways you will remember your wedding day, hence choosing your photographic investment is one the most important decisions you will make about your special day.

I could write paragraphs about the photographer's great personality, the artworks and luxury items we provide in my packages, all of your uniquely tailored wedding items that will turn to priceless heirloom that you will pass on to your children, or about my complimentary future photo sessions, my little appreciation gift and so on... I could but I would love to hear your needs, plans and ideas first. Let's get together for a coffee and talk! :)

I offer an A La Carte option and three collections starting at $2900 from where we can plan your investment.




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