How important is to capture your First Steps to Adulthood..?

Soon these photos will become very important memories in your life as you are planning your future. School years were a mix of fun and hard work but when you will look at your images we want you to feel nothing less than a surge of energy and happiness. We are sure that you will be filled with confidence and light when you see yourself looking back from a large crystal clear acrylic print.

Why? It's simple. There is no secret ingredient. - You are already Awesome, you just need a qualified photographer to capture your Awesomeness. 

This day is all about YOU! Hence we need to sit down and make an action plan. Whatever is your interest we want to capture it. Flying in the air, becoming a model or a Superhero for the day (or in the future), pursuing a sport, music or other creative carrier? We want to know about it. 

Let's get together with your parents and talk! I offer an A La Carte option and three collections starting at $495 from where we can plan your investment. 

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